extreme_silence (extreme_silence) wrote,

Time for an update me thinks

it's been a while since I've been on here so just gonna let everyone know I'm doing well, looking back at the last update I could see a few people worrying. :s

Have been keeping myself entertained through work and meeting a bunch of new peeps down Southend (I'm pretty much based there at the min!), focusing all my energy on positive events and breaking out of the dark/depresive/selfish side I was slipping into.

I went through a deep self-loathing/pittying stage but am past all the shit am making a new name for myself. Probably upset/scared a few peeps on the way so am sorry for that, but we all go through it so I'm not gonna feel bad for what's happened - but will say a big thankyou for all that helped.

just wanna say a big sorry for the people I promised to post stuff to, a bunch of CD's never got burnt and a bunch of post never got sent but I will do that once I have some time and am home. I've been pretty selfish and slack with a lot of things, but hell - I'm concentrating on being happyer and sometimes things just get left behind. And i'm worth it.

That's all for now - love and goodwill to all on this All hallows eve/devils day.
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