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Dirty Bastard

Saw this on a news group today, made me cring & laugh at the same time which is probably a first for me lol. Sourced from here

Official chats up child on net
05/04/2006 09:54 - (SA)

Miami - The deputy press secretary for the United States Department of Homeland Security was arrested for using the internet to seduce what he thought was a teenage girl, authorities said.

Brian J Doyle, 55, was arrested on Tuesday on charges of use of a computer to seduce a child and transmission of harmful material to a minor.

Doyle had a sexually explicit conversation with what he believed was a 14-year-old girl whose profile he saw on the internet on March 14, said authorities in Florida, where an undercover computer crimes detective posed as the girl.

Doyle sent the girl pornographic movie clips and had sexually explicit conversations via the internet, the statement said.

During other online conversations, Doyle revealed his name, that he worked for the US Department of Homeland Security, and offered his office and government-issued cellphone numbers, the sheriff's office said.

Doyle also sent photos of himself to the "girl," but authorities said they were not sexually explicit.

On several occasions, Doyle instructed her to perform a sexual act while thinking of him and described explicit activities he wanted to have with her, investigators said.

Homeland Security press secretary Russ Knocke in Washington said he could not comment on the details of the investigation. "We take these allegations very seriously, and we will co-operate fully with the ongoing investigation," Knocke said.

Doyle was expected to be placed on administrative leave on Wednesday morning.
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