extreme_silence (extreme_silence) wrote,

What to do?!?!.....

Hmmmmm the story gets even more complicated.

After having a lot of different feelings for a girl I met just before Christmas I am now contemplating whether to even talk to her again. The story started with a few drinks and a lot of laughs, a good friendship in the making. I knew from pretty much when I met her that she was the sort of person I could really fall for but was not ready to jump into any sort of relationship at the time, just wanted to get to know her a bit better and see what came of it. So first step was a trip out for a few drinks with her and some of her mates, was a good evening and we got pretty close, I had a little voice saying "make a move and see what happens" but decided to play it cool.

Next time I invited her out for a meal which she was really up for, however it never happened as I could never get hold of her, so she then asked me out for drinks on the weekend, which again didn't happen and I couldn't get hold of her, this happened for 3 weeks in a row& I got the impression that she was just playing games - but again, all I wanted to do was to get to know her a bit so didn't really think much about it. Then came the bombshell, after chatting with my manager about her and trying to get a bit of advice I found out that he had been seeing her and had been intimate a few times. This hurt, not because she was seeing someone - she's single and up to her, but because it was my manager - the guy I'd been giving advice to about his marrage and his child who is due in 3 weeks.

So now she was someone who would sleep with someone else's husband - is that the sort of person I wanted? I came back with a yes cos I was/am falling for her. I didn't mention anything instead kept up the games with her, trying to understand what sort of a person she is.

Last Saturday I found out that she was one of the biggest gossips in the company and that she is living with her ex, who she still goes out drinking with. Nothing unusual with that but I am finding it hard to get my head around the entire situation.

The question at the minute is do I make the final jump and do what I had planned for valantines or do I ignore her for now until I can get my emotions sorted and know what I want.

Who said Essex girls were easy? lol
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