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Local band keeping the music alive

Bit of a late one this.....

The battle of the bands in Essex final was on Christmas eve and a few of my mates were up for the challange - now as most followers of any battle of the bands contest no doubtably know the majority of these 'contests' are rigged in one fashion or another so a second place was the most any of us were expecting. Well, they one & they one by a long margin. The band have really pulled everything into place and come out with a unique sound, combind with some cracking lyrics - all indications at the minute are that these guys could go a long way & I think there are going to be a lot of people out there loving the sound of this 4 piece.

Check them out at The Crazy88 Website

(on a personal note I am developing this site so appoligies for the lack of info at the min)
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